Our Raleigh, NC Preschool Facilities

Preschool Learning & Play, Together

Safe Haven Preschool provides constant and alert supervision during every play and learning activity. Designed for maximum safety, our large, open classroom features designated areas, which are assigned to each age level. Within each of these age-appropriate areas, learning centers provide an engaging selection of learning tools and toys for developing particular skills, as well as learning to work and play together. Our eight learning centers include reading, manipulatives, computer, science, art, sensory and language.

We recognize the importance and contribution that planned physical activity plays in a child’s healthy development process. Outdoor play is therefore, a regular part of our daily schedule at Safe Haven Preschool. On those rare occasions when adverse weather restricts outdoor play, we replace those periods with vigorous indoor activities such as a movement experience or a gross motor game.

Our spacious outdoor play area includes beautiful trees and landscaping, which provide plenty of shade for the children during warmer weather. We also have child-sized picnic tables with umbrellas for short rest periods. Water is available to students at all times during outdoor play.

Outdoor play activities are a balanced blend of free play and teacher directed games using balls or a parachute. Our playground equipment includes tricycles and bikes, two basketball goals, a sliding board, playhouse, and sensory table for sand and water play.

We would like to extend an invitation to visit our center. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (919) 322-0016.


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